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- 1st Traditional Verse

Poetry Competition



First Prize


Sonnet Set in Time  by David Atkinson

The senior master's gaze, he seems so old,
a stooping gait; the youth strides next to him.
A fateful time, the day the lad is told.
He scans the kindly face, sincere and grim;
the news the worst, no time to say goodbye.
The boy should pack to travel home today.
The teacher's dreadful words need no reply.
In shock he grabs his clothes, he must obey.
The truth is huge, it hacks him like a knife.
Now he must go, stand waiting at the gate.
Her loving touch, idyllic country life
now gone; the sketch did not elaborate.
It's much too soon for sorrow or for grief;
it's not too soon for shock and disbelief .

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