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"Poetic Licence"
This competition has now been judged and prizes
awarded with all winners advised.
The results for both categories, Traditional Verse and
Free Verse, can be directly accessed here or use the
Poetry Competition Tab above.

"Short Takes"
This Competition has now been judged and prizes
awarded with all winners advised.
The results for both categories, Fictional Short Story and
Memoir, can be directly accessed here or use the
Prose Competition Tab above.

Scribes Writers, Geelong Vic.
Leader:  Jan Foster

We are a Geelong-based group established in 2003 of people who meet weekly on a Monday morning from 9.30 am to 12 noon at the South Barwon Community Centre, 33 Mount Pleasant Road, Belmont, Victoria.
Our common love of words provides a basis for some lively meetings which include occasional workshops on various aspects of the craft of creative writing. These have variously been fictional short stories, memoir, autobiography, articles, plays, free verse, traditional and bush verse and tanka poetry. Constructive critiquing but not criticising plays a large part in whatever we do, as our purpose is always to improve our writing with help from the group. Mutual respect for each other’s work is paramount.
We begin our meetings with 10 minutes of free writing which all are then encouraged to share. This is followed by a news session where members are asked to tell of any items of interest to our purposes. Homework set the previous week is read aloud and comments invited.
Morning tea is followed by whatever writing project is set for that session. Sometimes the session is led by a group member, but we also have occasional visits from folk beyond our group, whose skills in the craft of writing contribute to our knowledge.
Homework, often growing out of the session’s material, but sometimes from a prompt by the session’s leader, is set before the meeting closes.

Scribes Writers hosts two annual open theme literary competitions: one closing on 30th June for poetry, the other closing on September 30th for fictional short story and memoir. Whilst these competitions are open, full details, conditions and entry forms are available under the Prose Competition tab or the Poetry Competition tab above. All competitions are judged on a blind basis with a minimum of two judges. Winners are notified and results posted on the site. The winning entries are published there also, with the authors’ permission.

Our numbers are capped at 10 to give every member a voice, however sometimes vacancies do arise. If you are interested in joining us please apply through the ‘Contact Us’ tab above and we will be in touch

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